100-u2-uv16-a1 Drivers For Mac

How does the EVGA UV+ work? Using the UV+ is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Install the drivers, plug in the USB cable, then connect to your display. You instantly have more desktop real estate for improved productivity.

a pretty good little device. running this on mac osx snow leopard has proved a little interesting. as far as how the device actually performs - it's pretty good and as advertised. i have tried this on both a 24' imac & a mac mini. currently using it as a 2nd monitor on the mac mink (it had been a 3rd on the imac) to keep my email on. for this purpose it does its job very well.
what keeps this from 5 stars? drivers. and sleep mode.
other reviewers have commented on problems when waking a computer from sleep/hibernate mode and i can confirm this can be problematic. on my imac i had to poweroff via pulling the plug as if the screensaver came on, or the machine went to sleep, the keyboard & mouse would stop responding. on my mini i found that having the system preferences for the power button to sleep computer allowed the video to come back along w/the keyboard & mouse. not sure why but that's why it's on the mini. note that i have a kvm switch between the two computers, though based on other reviewers having similar problems i don't think this is the problem.
drivers are actually from a company called displaylink. there were no 64-bit drivers availalbe for this at the time i was installing it. the most current 32-bit drivers were in beta status. websites don't indicate projected release dates either. is this a deal breaker? no, my mini won't run 64-bit anyway. for my imac, yeah. i've found 64-bit to be a bit faster than 32-bit, at least the way i use my imac. so i went back to using 64-bit mode after moving the adapter to my mini.
end result, i would recommend this product. just understand what you're getting into and the driver/hibernate issues. if i only had a laptop i'd probably get one. if i had a laptop & two spare monitors of the same size though i'd probably go with the matrox dual-head to go.

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  1. 100 u2 uv16 a1 drivers for mac download May 2, 2018 Kaitlyn Laptops I bought the product because we are not allowed to install any additional hardware in our office PCs you may argue that this is additional hardware but from the IT department perspective I didn’t open the case to install it, so it’s fine, and I really wanted to have dual monitors.
  2. Comment: I am not sure about other people, but I've had some driver problems with this one, in both, XP and Vista 32-bit. I actually was never able to get it working in XP and would get a blue screen everytime I connected the monitor to this.

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