Broadcom Bcm4312 Ubuntu Drivers For Mac

There are multiple drivers supporting Broadcom wireless LAN chips. Introduced in Linux. Debian Wiki team. Broadcom bcm43xx driver mac os x. SiS 650 IGUI Host Memory Use the links on this page to download the latest version of SiS Mirage 3 Graphics drivers. Broadcom Limited is a leading designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of analog and digital semiconductor connectivity solutions that serve the. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra or Another OS on Your Mac Best Graphic. Working driver. The vendor, Broadcom, only has LINUX drivers on their site now. Most vendors. Ubuntu Broadcom Wireless Driver Offline Install. Nov 11, 2015 • linux ubuntu by Kris Krause. There's no need for ndiswrapper and Windows drivers, because the Linux driver already exists, if you see no broadcom wireless device name, uninstall driver, restart computer, install driver and restart again until 'firmware missing' message appears with wifi device name under wireless icon after clicking on it (gnome).

August 21st, 2008, 05:24 PM
After searching for ways to get wireless working on my HP dv9000, I came across this thread. ( Apparently, Broadcom offers linux drivers for it's 802.11a/b/g/n cards (chipsets BCM4311, BCM4312, BCM4321, and BCM4322, in both 32 and 64 bit).
Figuring that there are other people out there with the same problem: here's the steps I took to install the native drivers:
Download the appropriate driver
I downloaded the 64 bit version of the driver from
It's important that you get the correct version, as the 32 and 64 bit versions are not compatible.
Make the .ko file
First, make a temporary directory
mkdir wdriver
... and place the downloaded package into it (hybrid-portsrc-_64_5_10_27_6.tar.gz, or hybrid-portsrc-x86_32_5_10_27_6.tar.gz for the 32 bit version)
Then 'cd' into the temporary directory and un-tar the file.
cd wdriver
tar -xzf hybrid-portsrc-x86_64_5_10_27_6.tar.gz
Now, we want to make the wl.ko file, so we enter:
(<2.6.xx.xx> is your kernel version: mine was '2.6.24-19-generic'. Use tab-completion to find yours.)
make -C /lib/modules/<2.6.xx.xx>/build M=`pwd` clean
make -C /lib/modules/<2.6.xx.xx>/build M=`pwd`
You should now have a file 'wl.ko' located in the temporary directory you created (wdriver).
Make sure that no other wireless drivers are installed
Enter: (Don't worry if there are any errors returned)
sudo rmmod bcm43xx
sudo rmmod b43
sudo rmmod b43legacy
I also uninstalled ndiswrapper, just to be sure:
sudo rmmod ndiswrapper
sudo apt-get remove ndiswrapper-common
Test the new wireless driver
Now, lets test out our new wireless driver. Enter:
sudo modprobe ieee80211_crypt_tkip
sudo insmod wl.ko
If it worked, and you can see/connect to wireless networks, you'll want to:
Make your changes permanent.
First, you may want to blacklist the old b43/b43legacy/bcm43xx drivers. Enter:
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
and add the following to the end of the file:
blacklist b43
blacklist b43legacy
blacklist bcm43xx
Now, let's move the wireless driver somewhere more permenant:
sudo mkdir /lib/modules/<2.6.xx.xx>/wlan
sudo mv wl.ko /lib/modules/<2.6.xx.xx>/wlan
Now, lets make it so that the driver and wireless encryption module are loaded on startup. Enter:
sudo gedit /etc/modules
and add
to the bottom.
Now run:
sudo gedit /etc/rc.local
and add
sudo insmod /lib/modules/<2.6.xx.xx>/wlan/wl.ko
at the end of the file, but before the line 'exit 0'
That's it. If I've made any errors, please let me know. Thanks.
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I'm trying to install the wireless drivers because my macbook pro does not have a ethernet port, then I mount the 3 debian isos like local repositories to install the almost all of dependeces.

So, what I tryed to do to install the broadcam 4360

When I try to install this:

I get the following problems:

So if someone have installed the drivers to Broadcom 4360 on mac with debian ,please tell me how, and what others suggestions recommend me

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Broadcom Bcm4312 Ubuntu Drivers For Mac

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Broadcom 4360 actually comes with either of two distinct chips, 14E4:4360 and 14E4:43A0. There is no driver in Linux for the first one, while wl is an appropriate driver for the second one. You can determine which one you have by means of the following command:

If instead you wish to do this from within Mac OS, hit the Apple -> About this Mac -> More Info-> System Info, and then click on Wi-fi. You will find a line like

which displays Vendor (14E4) and Product (117, in my case) code of the Wi-fi card.

There is no support for Broadcom 4360 14E4:4360 on Linux. The definitive guide in these matters is Linux Wireless, which gives in this table the list of all Broadcomm wireless chips, and the available Linux drivers. As you can see, no driver is listed under BCM4360 14E4:4360.

Two lines below in the same table, it is shown that the other chip with which 4360 is produced, 14E4:43A0, is instead supported by the proprietary driver wl. The correct procedure to install this driver is described here, in the Debian Wiki. For Wheezy,you should add this line

to the file /etc/apt/sources.list, then run

and lastly you will need to remove some conflicting drivers which come pre-installed in Debian:

Now you are good to go:

Ubuntu Broadcom Bcm4312

You should also keep the following in mind: about the wl driver, this is what the ever informative Arch Linux wiki has to say:

Warning: Even though this driver has matured a lot throughout the years and works quite well now, its usage is recommended only when neither of the two open-source drivers support your device. Please refer to project b43's page for list of supported devices.

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Don't ever listen to anyone who tells you that you can't do something in linux, that's exactly why I no longer use windows. :P

First, enable the nonfree repos. By adding 'non-free' to your '/etc/apt/sources.list' file.

Nvidia Ubuntu Drivers Download

Then, run the following commands:

Do not forget the -a in the tee command or you will overwrite the whole file!!

If it doesn't work right away, reboot and it should be fine.

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