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Hey, psychiatry, thanks for the kind words. I was a little sarcastic with davert in my first response, and having seen his reply had been thinking about expanding a bit. Now, with your reply, I definitely need to ;-)@davert: Fujitsu makes a whole line of scanners that are faster (and more durable) than the ScanSnaps. Basically, the ScanSnaps that so many Mac users know and love are intended as personal scanners, for limited duty cycles--which is perfect for the vast majority of users. The 'fi-Series' scanners, on the other hand, are intended for much heavier use in workgroup/departmental situations, range in speed from 30 pages/minute to 135 pages/minute, and range in list price from about $1,200 to $25,000 (generally can be had for 25% or so under list). As a note, the price shown here, $149, is for the low end--I charge a lot more for that $25,000 scanner because I will never ever sell enough of them that $149 would pay for the effort of optimizing the software to keep up with that [email protected]: The company has only been around 5 years because that's when I finally hired some (temporary) help and had to deal with payroll. The product actually went on sale in 2004. And I have been in this business for, well, way too long before that even...

Drivers For Fujitsu Scanner

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