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The WP01GS is fully 802.11b interoperable, meaning it connects seamlessly to both 11b and 11g wireless traffic, and with its dynamicspeed adjustment feature, it will always connect at the highest possible speed – up to 54Mbps.This desktop adapater includes SoftAP™ which transforms your desktop into an wireless access point, effectively expanding the range of your wireless network.

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I had a lots of problem with both that card and the operating system Windows 7.
First, Windows 7 and Vista both have one of the dumbest feature that make your Wireless Adapter quickly search for any new network every minutes even if you are currently using a wireless connection. I had to find a version of the Raalink drivers which had the option in the device manager to turn 'SmartScan' on so that it prevent Windows 7 from messing up with my WiFi connection while I need a smooth stream (gaming).
Now, I have another problem, the wireless adapter keep stopping working after a few hours of use without any way of resetting the connection. I can't disable the device and re-enable it or create a new network. I absolutly have to reboot my machine in order to get my PCI card work again.
Both of theses problems seem fairly common but only the latest one seem un-repairable. I have already tried to uninstall / install the drivers but the problems keep coming back.
I have disabled every power saving modes for the PCI cards, adapters, disabled sleep mode, nothing can prevent it and this problem is really annoying.
I am not sure if the second problem would occurs with the original gigabyte version of the drivers, but if it does, I would still be stuck with the Windows 7 / Vista feature that mess up with my WiFi connection every minutes. We need a solution for this. This is a major problem and should in not in any way be considered as a 'feature'.
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