Gn9350 Drivers For Mac

Computer Headsets. When listening to music or playing games on the computer, a good set of headphones can make the experience even better. There are many kinds to choose from: connected, wireless, noise cancelling, high fidelity sound, with a microphone or without a mic. Recent Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset questions, problems & answers. Drivers for Jabra GN935e using Windows 8. Gn9350 on mac has poor soundquality. Your email is not recognized, please check your email and try again. If you continue to experience issues please contact Jabra for support. Get support for your Jabra GN9330e. Find all product guides, resources and FAQs.

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  3. Gn9350 Drivers For Mac
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Computer Headsets

When listening to music or playing games on the computer, a good set of headphones can make the experience even better. There are many kinds to choose from: connected, wireless, noise cancelling, high fidelity sound, with a microphone or without a mic. You can choose one that's suitable for most uses or one that's more specialized.

What's the difference between a headset and a headphone?

Most people are familiar with headphones. They deliver stereo audio content only. They come with large or small earpieces.

Headsets deliver stereo sound but also have a microphone feature. The mic is for real-time voice communication and interaction. The microphone can be embedded in the headset or attached externally. The external mic can be positioned in front of the speaker's mouth or pushed out of the way when not in use.

What does noise cancelling mean?

Noise cancellation is a technology that uses active sound control to minimize outside noise. The feature monitors incoming ambient sounds. The circuitry inside the earpiece picks what sounds to block like airplane or construction noise. It can reduce the sounds of common distractions like conversations.

Not all headsets have this feature. If you travel, the feature may make your journey more pleasant, especially in an airplane or crowded train. If you are using a headset for work, then it can be an asset allowing you to focus on your conversation not what's going on around you.

Hp Drivers For Mac

What does wired and wireless mean?

Traditional headsets are wired. They are attached by a cable to the desktop, laptop, phone, television and other devices. On one end is one or more connection points like RCA jacks, 3.5 mm audio out plug, 3.5 mm microphone jack or a USB connection.

A newer set can be used in a wireless configuration. Connection is done through Bluetooth pairing. Bluetooth must be active on the computer, laptop or mobile device. The earpiece transmits a signal that the device receives. The link is established on the device pairing both ends of the connection. Bluetooth technology is commonplace. It can be used for an audio headphone, computer headset or gaming headphone with or without a microphone.

What features are important to look for in a gaming headset?

Choosing a gaming headset needs a different set of criteria than selecting one for music or business. A gaming headset needs to be fit for the specific console or device, durable, comfortable and have good sound quality.

  • Platform: Some types are specific to a platform like a PC or gaming console. Some headphones can be used for multiple platforms.
  • Durability: A gaming headset is an investment. Choose one that can survive activity and rough handling.
  • Comfort: Choose a headset that feel comfortable through many hours of play.
  • Features: For multi-player games, a microphone is essential. Choose a mic that works well with your style of play.
  • Sound Quality: Interactive games can be an immersive experience. A gaming headset will need to pick up both loud and subtle sounds.

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Gn9350 Drivers For Mac

Mac Drivers and Downloads Are Essential

“How to download Bootcamp drivers without Bootcamp assistant? It seems Apple does not let you download Bootcamp drivers outside of their assistant tool. Reinstalling OS X just for the drivers is ridiculous. Help!”

Samsung Printer Drivers For Mac

If you’ve installed Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP on your Mac computer, one of the very important things you should do immediately, is to download drivers on Mac for Windows OS, like the Mac drivers download for Windows 10. If the drivers on your Mac computer are outdated, corrupted, damaged, missing or incompatible, you will definitely have computer issues and the hardware and devices won’t work properly.

Downloading the correct Mac drivers for Windows OS, like Boot Camp drivers download, Mac Wi-Fi drivers download, Mac Bluetooth drivers download, Mac sound driver download, printer drivers for Mac download, etc. is not so easy as it may seem. Many users may get the incompatible drivers. We recommend Driver Talent (former name: DriveTheLife) to help you out. This utility is all-in-one, free, safe and clean. It enables you to 1 click download all necessary Mac drivers for Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7/XP/Vista, either 64-bit or 32-bit.

Free download and install Driver Talent on your MacBook Pro (Retina), MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, iMac Retina 5K display to download or update drivers for Windows OS.

Updated: DriveTheLife has been updated to the new version called Driver Talent with a fresh new look.

How to Download, Update or Install Drivers on Mac for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Gn9350 Drivers For Mac

Driver Talent enables you to download the best-matched Windows drivers on your Mac, update to the latest drivers and fix all driver problems. It runs on all Windows OS, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Step 1. Download and Install Drivers for Mac on Windows OS

Run Driver Talent on your Mac computer on Windows OS and click 'Scan'. It will immediately find out all driver issues. 1 click the “Repair” button. It will help to download and install the missing Mac drivers as well as fix the corrupted drivers.

Epson Drivers For Mac

Step 2. Update Mac Drivers on Windows OS

OSToto Driver Talent offers all the latest driver vesions for you to update. To update to the latest drivers, select the 'Latest driver' tab at the bottom of the software and you will update to the latest Mac driver versions.


You can use Driver Talent to back up drivers or restore drivers.

After all is done, restart your Mac computer to complete the actions.

The Most Common Windows Drivers on Mac Computer

It’s nice to experience Windows OS on a Mac computer. To avoid conflicts and errors, you’d better install all necessary drivers on your Mac. Here are the most common Mac drivers for Windows OS. Driver Talent can help to install all. You can also read more about Drivers Download on PCs.

Drivers download for Mac Windows 10

Drivers download for Mac Windows 8.1

Drivers download for Mac Windows 8

Drivers download for Mac Windows 7

Drivers download for Mac Windows XP

Drivers download for Mac Windows Vista

Mac Canon drivers for Windows

Mac Epson drivers for Windows

Mac Nvidia drivers for Windows

Mac Sound driver for Windows

Mac Wi-Fi (wireless) driver for Windows

Mac Bluetooth driver for Windows

Mac Game driver for Windows

Mac Printer driver for Windows

Mac Brother driver for Windows

Mac Asio driver for Windows

UVC driver Mac download for Windows

Ntfs driver for Mac on Windows

HP driver for Mac download on Windows

Mac keyboard driver for Windows 7

Mac track driver for Windows 7/8

Mac mouse driver for Windows 7

Mac sound driver for Windows 7

Mac network adapter driver for Windows 7

MacBook Pro drivers for Windows

MacBook Air drivers for Windows

MacBook drivers for Windows

iMac drivers for Windows

Mac mini drivers for Windows

Mac Pro drivers for Windows

Windows drivers on iMac Retina 5K display

Boot Camp drivers for Windows

And more.

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