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Intel® Graphics Drivers for Mac* Ronald_Intel Sep 2, 2016 10:48 AM If you are looking for graphics drivers for a Mac*, please visit the Intel® Graphics Drivers for Mac* Web site for more information. Dec 15, 2017  Interests: Rock n roll, Mac OS X Posted November 4, 2017. I can test this kext if someone can develop we could make a donation. 1 chris1111 reacted to this Share this post. Link to post. Posted November 4, 2017. Someone with right skills can translate the linux driver for Intel WiFi into a working Kext for OSX. Intel® Extreme Graphics Driver for 845 Chipset-Based Intel® Desktop Boards This download installs version 6._cert of the Intel® Extreme Graphics Driver for 845G chipset-based Intel.

Sep 1, 2014
GT 740
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I've started work on a project to port the current-generation Intel WiFi drivers from Linux to OS X. Right now it's very, very early in a process that looks to be a very, very long one. I have a kext that identifies compatible hardware and loads and digests the matching firmware, but it doesn't yet do important things like, say, connect to a network.
Still, it's a start, and if anybody has a recent Intel WiFi card and wants to give it a spin and confirm whether it recognized the card successfully, there's a build with instructions here:
The list of compatible hardware is here (it includes the Broadwell and Skylake NUC WiFi cards):

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Paragon Driver For Mac

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