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Update drivers for mac
Active4 years, 9 months ago

I am am using a Inventel UR054g (R01) usb wireless adaptor on my desktop. I had quite trouble setting it up but after installing ndiswrapper and prism2 drivers I got it up and running.

However, I need to run in the command line the following to get it started;

  • I want this top start automatically when I restart the PC.
  • Further, I aslo want this connection to be available to other users.

Any help would be appreciated.

Stefano Palazzo♦
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Inventel Ur054g Drivers For Mac

1 Answer

Your device is already supported in 10.10 by the p54usb driver, you just need to download the firmware for the UR05g device. Using ndiswrapper and the windows driver isn't recommended unless you absolutely have no other choice.

Canon Drivers For Mac

See this page

I did a lot of research on the UR05g and it looks like a typical prism2. Firmware for you device is available and version should be used as it's the version shipped with the ur054g windows driver. Save the firmware to /lib/firmware/isl3887usb by using this command:

Firstly revert the /etc/network/interfaces file, this file shouldn't be changed unless you know exactly why it should and changing it can kill the automatic network-manager and makes everything manual. It should look like this:

Remove the ndiswrapper package using apt get sudo apt-get purge ndiswrapper

Now add to the /etc/modules file on it's own line p54usb this will force the driver to load on boot.

Brother Printer Drivers For Mac

If this fails, please report back here the contents of the log file /var/log/dmesg and paste in to (you have to share the link it gives you here)

Martin Owens -doctormo-

Hp Printer Drivers For Mac

Martin Owens -doctormo-
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Canon Printer Drivers For Mac

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