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VIA Technologies, Inc.

Update the Elitegroup KM400-M2 Motherboard Drivers with ease. Easy Driver Pro makes getting the Official Elitegroup KM400-M2 Motherboard Drivers a snap. Easy Driver Pro will scan your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated Drivers.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 2008, Windows 2008 (64 bit), Windows Vista, Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows 2003, Windows 2003 (64 bit), Windows XP, Windows XP (64 bit), Windows 2000, Windows NT4, Windows NT3.51, Windows ME, Windows 98SE, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Mac OSX

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4.6 (30-Jan-2007) (2007-04-17) via .inf (2006-03-15) via .inf (2006-12-20) via .inf

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Motherboard Socket 462

Motherboard drivers msi

VIA VT823x PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

LAN Driver File

Km400-m2 Motherboard Drivers For Mac

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Sathishkumar (DG Staff Member) on 7-Sep-2009

Supported Devices

VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

VIA Rhine III Fast Ethernet Adapter

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

VIA Rhine III Management Adapter

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware IdsNo Compatible Hardware Ids found.

VIA VT86C100A Rhine Fast Ethernet Adapter

Hardware Ids
Compatible Hardware Ids

Best M2 Motherboard

Driver Contents File List

The following files are found inside the driver download file.

What Motherboard Do I Have

VIA823x_40/CE4/MSI/FETCE4B.msi565.8 KB12 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/CE4/RAW/FETCE4B.dll41.0 KB12 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/CE4/RAW/FETCE4B.map20.0 KB12 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/CE4/RAW/FETCE4B.rel9.9 KB12 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/CE4/RAW/ce4.txt5.6 KB12 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/CE4/RAW/fetce4b.cec1.7 KB12 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/CE4/RAW/fetce4b.pdb413.7 KB12 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/CE4/RAW/fetce4b.reg3.4 KB31 Dec 2003
VIA823x_40/CE5/FETCE5B.msi593.4 KB12 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/CE6/FETCE6B.msi325.1 KB13 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/DIAG.EXE239.2 KB9 Aug 2005
VIA823x_40/DIAG.TXT5.4 KB9 Aug 2005
VIA823x_40/EEPROM/EEPROM.EXE185.8 KB9 Aug 2005
VIA823x_40/EEPROM/VT6107/eeprom.cfg512 bytes6 Jan 2004
VIA823x_40/EEPROM/VT823x/eeprom.cfg512 bytes24 Jun 2003
VIA823x_40/EEPROM/eeprom.txt6.2 KB3 Aug 2005
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/Debug/fetdbg.lib47.4 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/Debug/fetdbg.pdb61.4 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/EBOOT.bin95.2 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/FETDBG.TXT6.4 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/HALETHER.C23.5 KB2 Mar 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/HALETHER.H32.3 KB12 Mar 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/LOADCEPC.EXE96.4 KB22 Apr 2003
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/MAKEFILE79.0 KB2 Mar 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/Retail/fetdbg.lib43.4 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/Retail/fetdbg.pdb61.4 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE4.2/SOURCES1.8 KB2 Mar 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/Debug/fetdbg.lib45.1 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/Debug/fetdbg.pdb61.4 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/EBOOT.bin100.3 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/FETDBG.TXT7.1 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/LOADCEPC.EXE97.9 KB28 Jan 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/MAKEFILE107.1 KB28 Jul 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/Retail/fetdbg.lib49.2 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/Retail/fetdbg.pdb61.4 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/SOURCES2.5 KB25 Jun 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/halether.h32.8 KB25 Jun 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/kitldrv.c3.0 KB25 Jun 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE5.0/oal_ethdrv.h10.3 KB25 Jun 2004
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/Debug/fetdbg.lib51.4 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/Debug/fetdbg.pdb69.6 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/EBOOT.bin112.4 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/FETDBG.TXT7.3 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/LOADCEPC.EXE100.5 KB18 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/Retail/fetdbg.lib53.6 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/Retail/fetdbg.pdb69.6 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/halether.h32.1 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/kitldrv_x86.c3.2 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/makefile114.6 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/oal_ethdrv.h10.5 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/ETHERTOOL/CE6.0/sources1.8 KB13 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/FLASH/FLASH.EXE172.9 KB1 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/FLASH/flash.txt4.2 KB1 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/FREEBSD/freebsd.tgz30.5 KB1 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/FREEBSD/freebsd.txt7.1 KB27 Jan 2005
VIA823x_40/LANSVR40.DOS/FETND.DOS37.7 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/LANSVR40.DOS/LSDOS.TXT5.8 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/LANSVR40.DOS/OEMSETUP.INF655 bytes23 Sep 2003
VIA823x_40/LANTASTI/FETND.DOS37.7 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/LINUX/linux.txt14.7 KB3 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/LINUX/rhinefet.tgz47.0 KB7 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/MACOSX/OSX.txt4.1 KB21 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/MACOSX/fetmacx.dmg64.7 KB21 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/CLIENT32/CNT32DOS.TXT3.2 KB16 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/CLIENT32/fetnwsc.lan70.3 KB23 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/CLIENT32/fetnwsc.ldi63.7 KB18 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/DOSODI/FETODI.INS837 bytes25 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/DOSODI/NET.CFG672 bytes9 Dec 2003
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.311/LSLENH.NLM11.6 KB16 Nov 1992
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.311/MONITOR.NLM117.8 KB26 Oct 1992
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.311/MSM31X.NLM19.1 KB27 Apr 1994
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.311/NBI31X.NLM29.0 KB12 Mar 1996
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.311/Nw311.txt4.7 KB4 Nov 2004
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.312/MSM31X.NLM52.4 KB21 Mar 1996
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.312/NBI31X.NLM29.0 KB12 Mar 1996
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.312/Nw312.txt6.8 KB4 Nov 2004
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.4/Nw4.txt7.1 KB4 Nov 2004
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.4/fetnwsa.ldi63.0 KB27 Oct 2004
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.56/Nw56.txt7.5 KB16 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.56/fetnwsc.lan70.3 KB23 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/NETWARE/SRVRODI.56/fetnwsc.ldi63.7 KB18 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/PCNFS/FETND.DOS37.7 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/PCNFS/PCNFS.TXT6.0 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/PCNFS/PROTOCOL.INI1.0 KB23 Sep 2003
VIA823x_40/PKTDRVR/FETPKT.COM48.2 KB10 May 2006
VIA823x_40/PKTDRVR/FETPKT.SYS48.2 KB10 May 2006
VIA823x_40/PKTDRVR/packet.txt5.4 KB10 May 2006
VIA823x_40/PXE/pxe.txt3.3 KB15 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/PXE/pxeb.lom43.0 KB15 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/PXE/pxeb.nic65.5 KB15 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/PXE/pxem.lom45.1 KB15 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/PXE/pxem.nic65.5 KB15 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/PXERPL/FETND.CNF491 bytes18 Dec 2000
VIA823x_40/PXERPL/FETND.DOS37.7 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/PXERPL/PROTOCOL.INI1.1 KB11 Sep 1997
VIA823x_40/PXERPL/pxerpl.lom57.3 KB29 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/PXERPL/pxerpl.nic65.5 KB29 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/PXERPL/pxerpl.txt6.4 KB29 Dec 2005
VIA823x_40/RIS/Win2000/FETND5BV.sys45.6 KB20 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/RIS/Win2000/FETNDIS.inf61.4 KB20 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/RIS/Win2000/RIS-note.txt2.3 KB20 Oct 2005
VIA823x_40/RIS/Win2000/WIN.txt2.2 KB20 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/RIS/Win2000/difxapi.dll337.3 KB17 Nov 2005
VIA823x_40/RIS/Win2000/netvt.cat62.2 KB3 Jan 2007
VIA823x_40/RIS/Win2000/vuins32.dll69.6 KB27 Oct 2006
VIA823x_40/RPL/FETND.CNF491 bytes11 Sep 1997
VIA823x_40/RPL/FETND.DOS37.7 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/RPL/PROTOCOL.INI1.1 KB11 Sep 1997
VIA823x_40/RPL/RPL.3232.8 KB10 Aug 2006
VIA823x_40/RPL/RPL.6465.5 KB10 Aug 2006
VIA823x_40/RPL/RPL.LOM14.3 KB10 Aug 2006
VIA823x_40/RPL/rpldos.txt4.4 KB10 Aug 2006
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/FETND.CNF491 bytes11 Sep 1997
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/FETND.DOS37.7 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/FETND3R.sys53.4 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/PROTOCOL.INI1.1 KB11 Sep 1997
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/RPL.3232.8 KB10 Aug 2006
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/RPL.6465.5 KB10 Aug 2006
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/RPL.LOM14.3 KB10 Aug 2006
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/fetnd3.inf18.4 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/rplwin95.txt16.6 KB10 Aug 2006
VIA823x_40/RPLW95/w95bb.cnf492 bytes8 Dec 2003
VIA823x_40/SCO5/SCO5.VOL63.5 KB18 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/SCO5/SCO5.txt3.3 KB18 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/SOLARIS/fets.pkg47.1 KB31 May 2005
VIA823x_40/SOLARIS/fets.txt3.9 KB31 May 2005
VIA823x_40/UNATTEND/NT40/Unattend.txt1.0 KB22 Feb 2002
VIA823x_40/UNATTEND/NT40/unatdnt4.txt2.3 KB21 Aug 2002
VIA823x_40/UNATTEND/W2000/UNATTEND.TXT960 bytes4 Jan 2001
VIA823x_40/UNATTEND/W2000/unatdw2k.txt2.4 KB21 Aug 2002
VIA823x_40/UNATTEND/W9x/msbatch.inf1.1 KB24 Jan 2002
VIA823x_40/UNATTEND/W9x/unatdw9x.txt2.2 KB21 Aug 2002
VIA823x_40/UNATTEND/XP/unatdwxp.txt2.4 KB21 Aug 2002
VIA823x_40/UNATTEND/XP/unattend.txt1.1 KB30 Nov 2001
VIA823x_40/UNIXWARE/unixware.txt3.7 KB9 Jun 2005
VIA823x_40/UNIXWARE/vtD.pkg50.7 KB9 Jun 2005
VIA823x_40/Vista/X64/FET5A64B.sys61.2 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Vista/X64/FETNDA64.inf57.6 KB18 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Vista/X64/Uinstvis64.exe301.1 KB14 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/Vista/X64/WINX64.TXT1.7 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Vista/X64/difxapi.dll414.6 KB17 Nov 2005
VIA823x_40/Vista/X64/fetnda64.cat65.5 KB27 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Vista/X64/setupvis64.exe336.9 KB14 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/Vista/X64/setupvis64.txt3.2 KB15 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/Vista/X64/vuins64.dll13.8 KB23 Oct 2006
VIA823x_40/Vista/X86/FETND5BV.sys42.5 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Vista/X86/FETNDIS.inf61.8 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Vista/X86/Uinstvis.exe217.1 KB14 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/Vista/X86/WIN.txt1.9 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Vista/X86/difxapi.dll337.3 KB17 Nov 2005
VIA823x_40/Vista/X86/netvt.cat65.5 KB27 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Vista/X86/setupvis.exe233.5 KB14 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/Vista/X86/setupvis.txt3.2 KB15 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/Vista/X86/vuins32.dll69.6 KB27 Oct 2006
VIA823x_40/WFW311/FETND.DOS37.7 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/WFW311/FETND3F.38646.0 KB1 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/WFW311/FETODI.COM54.8 KB25 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/WFW311/OEMSETUP.INF6.6 KB1 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/WFW311/WFW311.TXT2.0 KB1 Feb 2005
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/FET5A64B.sys61.2 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/FETNDA64.inf57.6 KB18 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/WINX64.TXT1.7 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/WinSetup.exe254.0 KB21 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/WinUinst.exe245.8 KB21 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/difxapi.dll414.6 KB17 Nov 2005
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/fetnda64.cat65.5 KB27 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/vuins64.dll13.8 KB23 Oct 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/winsetup.txt5.6 KB22 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/winsetup/NTSetup.inf18.5 KB14 Sep 2004
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/winsetup/VETUP16.DLL25.9 KB1 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/winsetup/VETUP32.DLL32.8 KB18 Apr 2005
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/winsetup/VETUP64.DLL13.3 KB7 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/winsetup/ntsim2.sys8.3 KB4 Nov 2004
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X64/winsetup/ntsim2A.sys10.2 KB4 Nov 2004
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/FETND5AV.sys41.0 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/FETND5BV.sys42.5 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/FETNDIS.inf61.8 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/WIN.txt1.9 KB17 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/WINNDI.DLL12.7 KB28 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/WinSetup.exe254.0 KB21 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/WinUinst.exe245.8 KB21 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/difxapi.dll337.3 KB17 Nov 2005
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/netvt.cat65.5 KB27 Apr 2007
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/vuins16.dll57.4 KB27 Oct 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/vuins32.dll69.6 KB27 Oct 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/winsetup.txt5.6 KB22 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/winsetup/NTSetup.inf18.5 KB14 Sep 2004
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/winsetup/VETUP16.DLL25.9 KB1 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/winsetup/VETUP32.DLL32.8 KB18 Apr 2005
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/winsetup/VETUP64.DLL13.3 KB7 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/winsetup/ntsim2.sys8.3 KB4 Nov 2004
VIA823x_40/Win2K_XP_Srv2003/X86/winsetup/ntsim2A.sys10.2 KB4 Nov 2004
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/FETND.DOS37.7 KB9 Feb 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/FETND3.sys51.2 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/FETND4.sys53.0 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/FETND5AV.sys41.5 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/FETND5BV.sys43.0 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/FETNDH.HLP7.7 KB18 Dec 2002
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/FETNDIS.inf59.7 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/FETODI.COM54.8 KB25 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/NTUTIL.DLL147.5 KB28 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/RPLW95/FETND3R.sys53.4 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/RPLW95/fetnd3.inf18.4 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/WIN.txt2.2 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/WINNDI.DLL12.7 KB28 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/WINNT.txt1.9 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/WinSetup.exe254.0 KB21 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/WinUinst.exe245.8 KB21 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/netvt.cat59.8 KB27 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/oemsetup.inf181.0 KB15 Mar 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/vuins16.dll49.3 KB17 Jun 2005
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/vuins32.dll61.4 KB17 Jun 2005
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/winsetup.txt5.6 KB22 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/winsetup/NTSetup.inf18.5 KB14 Sep 2004
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/winsetup/VETUP16.DLL25.9 KB1 Jul 2005
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/winsetup/VETUP32.DLL32.8 KB18 Apr 2005
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/winsetup/VETUP64.DLL13.3 KB7 Nov 2006
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/winsetup/ntsim2.sys8.3 KB4 Nov 2004
VIA823x_40/Win9xME_NT/X86/winsetup/ntsim2A.sys10.2 KB4 Nov 2004
VIA823x_40/XPE/FETND5BV.sys45.6 KB20 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/XPE/FETNDIS.inf61.4 KB20 Dec 2006
VIA823x_40/XPE/FETNDIS.sld2.6 MB15 Jan 2007
VIA823x_40/XPE/XPe.txt1.9 KB15 Jan 2007
VIA823x_40/XPE/difxapi.dll337.3 KB17 Nov 2005
VIA823x_40/XPE/netvt.cat62.2 KB3 Jan 2007
VIA823x_40/XPE/vuins32.dll69.6 KB27 Oct 2006
VIA823x_40/readme.txt2.7 KB25 Jan 2007
VIA823x_40/release46.pdf92.0 KB30 Jan 2007

Driver Related Resources

I'm having trouble getting a SATA drive to work on this motherboard.
For the last year or so I've been using a PATA boot drive on the computer using this motherboard.
Recently I bought a WD 500GB SATA hard drive to use as secondary storage. When I connected it to the SATA ports on the MB and booted up, the computer took over two mins to start loading windows. After it got into windows most everything was working fine, but I could not activate the new disk.
I checked device manager and it said something was wrong with the SATA/Raid device, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and after a reboot (which came up much faster) I still had the same problem.
I downloaded the lastest via drivers from the ECS site but installing them had no effect. I unpluged the new drive and rebooted and the device manager hard no problems with SATA/Raid device (none were connected).
I then took a WD 74 gig raptor from another system and plugged in the same power/data cables I had used for the WD500 GB drive and I noticed in BIOS that it recognized the drive a booted up with out a problem.
I took the 500GB drive to another computer and was able to bring it up activate it and format the disk without a problem. So the disk is not dead.
After formatting it I took the drive back to the original computer and it still refused to recognized the disk (in BIOS and in windows). In another post someone mentioned some raid drivers which I downloaded and installed but this also had no effect.
Unfortunately I cannot seem to download any newer versions BIOS from the ECS site as they all fail.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Athlon XP 2200
ECS KM400-M2
Nvidia 6600
WD 80 Gb
512 mb RAM
430 watt powersupply
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