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I have the exact same problem with the hbs-730 and iPhone 5. I also notice a large lag for video audio or games. I dont have any of these problems with a Motorola s305, so this may be specific to the headset, but I also note that the hbs-730 does not exhibit these problems when paired with a Nexus 7 tablet.

Preface: if you do do not have a solution that is AUTOMATIC, that does NOT require manually connecting the headset, please don't post here. I've read 40+ threads on that already, and that is NOT what I am looking for. Thanks.


About 2 months ago, I bought a MSI Ghost GS60 laptop. Rather than following my standard procedure and immediately blowing Windows 8 away in favor of Windows 7, I decided to force myself to use what it came with. This lead to installing Start8 and ModernMix, and with those, I'm 98% as happy with Windows 8 as I was with Windows 7. (Funny how when you make a laptop work like a freaking laptop instead of a tablet people complain less, isn't it?)

All was going well until a week ago, when I purchased a LG HBS-730 bluetooth headset. I bought this headset SPECIFICALLY for the 'Advanced Multipoint' feature, which allows it to connect to 2 devices at the same time. I have it paired with my laptop as the 'secondary' device, and my phone (a LG Nexus 4 if anyone's curious, though that should be irrelevant) as the primary. The distinction here is as follows:

1. The Primary Device is the one that receives the signals from the Play/Pause and Call buttons.

2. When out of range for more than 30 seconds, the Secondary Device has to reconnect from the device's end, not the headset's end (the headset will search for the Primary device until the end of time, but not the Secondary device.)

And here begins my problem. I want my phone to remain the primary device. First, I do not make calls on my laptop, because dude, I have a phone, duh. I also listen to music almost exclusively on my phone, because my laptop is mostly for gaming. Also, while I often walk out of range of my laptop (it stays on my desk almost all the time) I am never without my phone in my pocket. And when I say 'often' I mean easily 30+ times a day.


Accordingly, switching the secondary/primary devices around is NOT a solution. The headset would nag me incessantly that it cannot find my laptop if it was the primary, and I could not control Calls or Music on my phone. Manually reconnecting the headset every time I return to the room is equally not an option. It is a total PITA on Windows 8 because it takes me 4 clicks and 30 seconds, and while that sounds like no;thing, that's 60 clicks and 15 minutes a day, every day, just totally wasted on reconnecting a headset.

I have started leaving the headset and my phone at my desk to avoid disconnects, but obviously when I have to leave the house entirely (at least 2-3 times a day, every day) the phone and headset go with me. This solves nothing.

Lg Hbs 730 Pairing Instructions

So here's what I want Windows 8 to do - automatically rescan every 30 seconds for my headset, and reconnect itself, without requiring ANYTHING on my part AT ALL. And this is very, very reasonable. Yanno why? Because my previous Windows 7 laptop did this, without fail, for 4 years.

So if this isn't something Windows 8 is going to do, I'd rather burn 4 hours today downgrading to Windows 7 than 15 minutes every day for the next 4 years constantly reconnecting my headset. If anyone knows of something that'll fix/patch this on Windows 8 (even something that isn't free, I'd gladly PAY to fix this, just not a fortune) then please for the love of all things good in this world, say so. Otherwise, I'm downgrading tomorrow.

And to Microsoft: I cannot believe the sheer stupidity involved in REMOVING A WORKING AND BADLY NEEDED CORE FEATURE THAT YOU ALREADY HAD! I mean I can understand you guys don't want to do a ton of work to ADD new stuff, but why in the **** would you REMOVE something you ALREADY HAD?????

Thanks for any help anyone can offer,

Lg Hbs 730 Pairing Mode


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Lg Hbs 730 Battery Replacement

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File Version: Version v1.19
Release Date: 2002-08-30
File Size: 7.6 MB
File Name:

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Submitted Feb 9, 2006 by john wright (DG Member):
'Worked great just no stereo controls'

PCI Multimedia Audio Device Driver


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Supported OS: Win 98, Win 95
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Release Date: 2000-09-15
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Submitted Feb 26, 2002 by Andre' (DG Member):
'I have tried all of the other drivers that 'claim' to work for what is known as the PCI Multimedia Audio Device to no avail. I found this driver on the Dell website. Apparently it is Dell who keeps putting these cards in our computers with no way of reloading the drivers. Anyway it says it is for ...'
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