Promise Ultra 100 Tx2 Controller Card Driver For Mac

Promise Ultra 100 Tx2 Controller Card Driver For Mac
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Controller Card Definition


Western Digital Promise Ultra TX2 Windows Driver - This Windows Driver is for use with the Promise Ultra 100 TX2 controller card when used with Western Digital hard drives greater than 137GB. To use, please extract this zip file to a blank floppy. They are both hooked up to a Promise Ultra TX2 100 controller cards, and now I'm wondering if that is the problem. Looking for drivers but Windows keeps telling me that I have the best one installed and won't let me go any further.

Pci Ide Controller Card Driver

I have a Promise ATA controller (model Ultra100 TX2) with two hard drives attached.
It has always worked faithfully for me. My bootup drive is attached to ide on the mobo. I also have two dvd burners attached to the second ide channel on my mobo. The hard drives attached to the Promise controller are scratch drives for video projects (capturing, authoring, ripping, etc).
Last night I replaced my mobo and cpu. Now if I have the hard drives attached to the Promise, Windows XP will not load, it just hangs.... However if I remove both hard drives, Windows bootsup fine.... Windows XP Pro control panel shows no problems with the Promise card... I've tried with one hard drive disconnected and Windows still hangs upon bootup...
I downloaded the newest firmware for the Ultra100 TX2 and flashed my card. I've tried the newest Windows driver from the Promise site... But still no luck....
I had an older Promise Ultra66 and I swapped that card in and attached both hard drives, and Windows XP loads fine and recognizes the drives....
In another computer I have a Promise Ulta133 TX2 that I may try in this computer as well...
Checking the Promise site I have not found any mention of this problem, but Google (web & newsgroups) has returned instances of others having this problem but with no fixes...
I did re-install my OS but I did not have my Hauppauge PVR250 or Promise card attached. I did not install these cards until I patched XP to sp2. So perhaps I should have had the Promise installed before installing Xp...????
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