Starboard Hitachi Drivers For Mac

The famous interactive StarBoard Software is included along with remote conferencing feature; The Hitachi StarBoard FX-79E1 Interactive Whiteboard is a ground breaking learning tool which is not only simple in design but also possesses the latest interactive technology that. Hitachi Starboard Educational Writing Boards of Australia Skip to main content. Mac OS X The 77 ” display area provides a very large image on which to work and provides pinpoint accuracy in running applications and adding comments and annotations to presentations.


Hitachi Monitor Drivers

I have a Hitachi DVD camcorder (DZ-MV230A). I can get drivers that will allow the camera images and video clips to be sent to a PC, but I can't get the images and video to carry over to my Mac. When hooked up to my iMac with a USB cable, the iMac doesn't pick up the camcorder at all. Any ideas how to hook up this USB cable to my iMac G5 so I can get the videos on my Mac? I've called Hitachi's help desk and they say Hitachi doesn't make any drivers for the Mac OS, only for the PC. A PC will show the images and video from the camcorder, but only if you install a special USB driver on the PC.
Is there a work-around of some type?
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