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Xen doesn't yet run on Mac OS X, but we are using it for some of our Linux servers. I already have an Apple workstation, and would rather not purchase a second system just to use Xen for testing and development.

For a certain job I sometimes need more memory in a DomU (CentOS 5).The trigger for the start of the job are some conditions that I can only check within that DomU: The DomU is waiting for an upload. Once it is finished it needs to process the received data - best suited would be a ram-disk.

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For this scenario I have set up the DomU with a memory setting of 1 GB min and 16 GB max.

MacXen Balloon Driver For Mac

Now I am trying to find an elegant way to resize the memory to max/min from within the DomU.

The first solution for this would be using ssh from DomU to all possible Dom0s and then trigger the 'xm mem-set' commands there (with sudo).

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I've read some things about the xen-store. Triggers were mentioned... So this makes me think that there should be a better way. It turned out that memory balloning would be a better way.

This should work within the DomU:

Should resize the memory to 4 GB.

But: cat /proc/xen/ballon says:

Now where does that xen hard limit come from?

Result is now that my DomU has 2 GB RAM.xm list in Dom0 states that the DomU is still at 1 GB RAM...

What's going wrong here?And yes - since the DomU-version is below 3.0.4 I added 'mem=16G' as kernel-boot-parameter to my DomU.

With Dom0 SLES11 SP1 (XEN 4.0.1) and CentOS 5.6 DomU (still XEN 3.0.3?) the echo 4G >/proc/xen/ballon did not do anything first - but after I did some successful xm mem-sets from the Dom0 (up to 16 GB - which worked), the /proc/xen/ballon did work within the DomU, too.

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Xen Balloon Driver For Mac

1 Answer

you can use the balloon driver that xen has with min memory and max memory ... it's all dynamic and built in

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9.27 PVHVM Guest Boot Delayed by Xen Balloon Driver

Booting PVHVM guests takes longer than expected and the following message is written to stack trace:

This issue occurs when the virtual machine configuration includes a maximum memory value that is much larger than the available memory value. This configuration causes the Xen balloon driver to shrink the guest memory to the target size. As a result, the boot time for the virtual machine takes longer than expected.

Workaround: The greater the difference between the values for maximum memory and available memory, the longer it takes to boot PVHVM guests. If you encounter this issue, you should either decrease the maximum memory or increase the available memory in the virtual machine configuration.

Bug 25709221

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